Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Lallier-Moustiers - Sarl Faïencerie Trois L

Manufacture of earthenware articles
Quartier Saint-Jean
04360 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie
Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur

Tel : +33 (0)4 92 74 55 58
Sale to private individuals and professionals

The Lallier factory has been in Moustiers Sainte Marie since 1969. This town has been a centre for earthenware since the 17th century. Three generations of potters followed on from each other starting in 1946 before the workshops were set up in Moustiers.

The factory carries out the entire manufacturing process. The earthenware paste is made in the workshops using the exclusive composition developed by Rémi Lallier. The company controls the entire modelling process, including making plaster moulds and working moulds. The shapes are directly inspired from ancient products, but regular creative work moves the collection forward to fit in with contemporary tastes. To date, the collection comprises 800 different models. The products are made by the casting technique, which is widely used in France. The parts are glazed by soaking, which is perfectly suitable for coloured earthenware, easy to do, and widely used in this sector of activity. Decoration is applied by hand to the unfired enamel using the high melting decoration technique. This requires great expertise. The patterns are inspired from local tradition, but the company also proposes exclusive patterns as part of its own, regular creations. A large archive of drawings has been built up over the years. The colours are "house” mixes developed in the factory. As in most companies, parts are fired in electric ovens.

The Lallier factory shares this rare expertise with around ten other workshops. It employs 4 people who have highly technical skills, including the patternmaker and 2 raw enamel decorators. The patternmaker can create models and make all the necessary material, right up to manufacturing moulds. One of the decorators creates new patterns and the associated necessary supports.


The Pierre Clérissy de Varages school teaches decorating techniques; the CFA in Aubagne and the Lycée L. de Vinci in Antibes (DMA) also offer training in ceramics. High melting decoration, however, can only be learned in companies that apply this method. Decorating on raw enamel requires a 2 to 3-year apprenticeship.

70% of production is sold in the factory shops or in the village of Moustiers (very popular tourist site). The remaining 30% is sold by a network of sellers, most of which are in the region, and by distance selling.

The factory can be visited from Monday to Friday at 3pm, except on public holidays. The visit lasts around 1 hour and there is a charge. Groups welcome subject to appointment.