Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Legrand Lebouc Legle Sarl

Decoration of porcelain
11 rue des Trois Maisons
87000 Limoges
Nouvelle Aquitaine

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Mr Lebouc, manager of the firm since 2000, is the heir of the Limoges porcelain families, Legrand and Lebouc.

The company was founded in 1953 by the grandfather and father of Frédéric Lebouc. It is a decoration workshop that buys all of its white ware from Limoges workshops; it has some shapes made to order. It owns the rare skills of making and applying coloured enamels. The originality of this is the application of coloured enamels and not fusible colours or rub-on transfers that other porcelain workers use to get a similar result.

The enamels are made in the company by Mr Lebouc, who learned the process alongside his father for 20 years. The volume of documentation accumulated since 1953 helped too. Complementary operations such as acid etching are outsourced. The company also carries out gold laying and agate burnishing. This mainly concerns ordered items. Légle productions are atypical compared to the production of other local porcelain makers.

The skill of making coloured enamels cannot be learned via the usual training paths. However, the techniques of extrusion and laying of precious metals are taught in ceramic schools in Limoges.

The clientele consists mainly of large shops (Liberty, Asprey, Corte Ingles) and luxury hotels and restaurants. Some sales are made to private customers. The company works to order and via a network of sellers. Like many companies in the luxury sector, it is an experienced exporter: 65% of turnover is made abroad.