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Tissages Denot

Silk, viscose, artificial fibre embroidery
Chez Jeannot
42470 Fourneaux

Tel : +33 (0)4 77 62 43 06

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

The company was founded in 1997, after buying 5 machines from a home-working artisan who was retiring, followed by 4 TBM looms.

Until the start of 2010, it made two types of products for its single customer, TBM. One of these products was "top-of-the-range" silk, the other, more "middle-of-the-range” polyamide and viscose.


Production is carried out entirely in the company. The manager is currently operating the business alone. This company has rare know-how: it is the last remaining firm with this type of machine and able to weave this type of fabric.


Today, only the CAP CSI qualification touches on weaving techniques. This qualification is a general qualification and does not provide the skills related to barrel-weaving. Another diploma, the BTS technical certificate in textiles with weaving option also provides basic knowledge. The only way to learn to use these machines is through on-site training. The tools are highly specialised and cannot be used in a training centre.


Mr Denot has perfect command of his machines. He can repair ancient equipment and even modify it to improve yield and performance. The manager is actively looking for new customers and to do so is making his own designs. At the moment he is carrying out trials for Tissages Denis & Fils and Bucol (textile division of Hermès group).