Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Le Vitrail - Vinum

Creation and restoration of stained glass windows
4 rue Brulard
10000 Troyes

Founded in 1835, ‘Le Vitrail’ is an illustrious example of the glass-making tradition of Troyes, considered by historians to be the home of stained glass.

It is certainly true that the Champagne-Ardenne region has the largest number of old stained-glass windows in Europe, and so it is only natural that ‘Le Vitrail’ should have developed its business here surrounded by such outstanding heritage. The company specialises in the conservation, restoration and creation of stained glass for churches and private buildings. The craft techniques used respect traditional professional principles as well as the deontology of the Vienna Charter, and it seeks to be innovative in its approach to creating and restoring.  Alain Vinum, the 6th generation in a dynasty of Master Glass-Makers, upholds this tradition.Together with his associate Flavie Vincent-Petit, who holds a degree in the restoration and conservation of cultural artefacts, with a specialisation in stained glass, their goal is to ensure the excellence of their craft by combining traditional techniques with modern scientific research (on photographic stained glass, the removal of lichen on stained glass, the reduction of manganese levels and so on). What makes this such a dynamic company is its positioning at the crossroads of academic expertise and craftsmanship, bringing together technicians, scientists, and art historians.