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Bronze art and decoration on metals
162 rue de Paris
94220 Charenton Le Pont

Tel : +33 (0)1 48 93 22 73

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

In existence for 150 years, Rennotte Riot is the delight of antique dealers, decorators, carpenters, joiners and knowledgeable aficionados and offers a collection of 500 bronze reproductions of furnishings and style decor (from Louis XIV to Art Deco, all to be discovered in its 150m2 showroom).

Bronze mouldings: drawing out
Rennotte Riot has a production unit dating from 1860 dedicated to cold drawing, a process for which it remains one of the last manufacturers in the world. The collection of mouldings, cornices, belts, flutes, brass mesh, beads, as well as brass and aluminium rail mouldings can be used to equip tables, chandeliers, mirrors, frames etc. br />
The restoration of objets d’arts and treatment of surfaces: the workshop : l'atelier

Rennotte Riot is also a team of compagnons (members of the Compagnons du Tour de France, a French association of craftsmen) specialised in the field of engraving, welding, turning and framing, working in bronze and guarantors of tradition and the craftsmanship of their profession. Working in collaboration with cabinet makers, carpenters, fitters, glaziers, sculptors, potters and artists the workshop has gained experience in consultancy and project management for many and various projects.

Its knowledge of the traditions of the art has gained great recognition for its workshops and made it one of the most sought-after businesses of its kind in Paris in the field of restoration of antiques of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Whether involved in reproduction or changing the decor to give new life to an object, the company can meet the demands of customers through its surface processing workshops.

Its expertise extends to the techniques of polishing, gilding, patina fire pits, silver gilding, varnishes, nickel and chromium.