Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Tissage Gander

Traditional weaving of flax and hemp
2 rue de l'Etang
67600 Muttersholtz

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Located in Muttersholtz in Alsace, a village with a long textile tradition, TISSAGE GANDER remains the last company to carry on the traditional weaving of Alsatian kelsch, a fabric spun and woven from flax and traditionally used to decorate the local houses in the Rhine Valley in the region and for household linen.

The loom continues to be used in the same way as the weaver’s traditional craft. From its drawings and models, the company creates mechanical programmes on cardboard and perforated cards; after the threads have been beamed and passed through the heddle,  a daily production rate of about 150 metres can be achieved. Some 150 patterns are available, in two grades of fabric, 100% (including batiste) and métis. In line with its policy of ongoing innovation, the company introduces new creations every year to offer its clientele a wide and varied range of tablecloths, cushions, placemats, napkins and other products, all made in the company’s own workrooms.The products can be obtained in the company’s shop, by mail order, or from a network of some fifty specialist shops.