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Saboterie Jusot

Manufacture of clogs
09800 Arrien-en-Bethmale

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The Saboterie Jusot carries on the famous tradition of "Bethmale” clogs.

Made from beech and birchwood, they are shaped like crescent moons. What makes them unique is the impressive length of the toe. They are richly dressed in leather and gold studs which, in keeping with tradition, form a heart shape on the top of the clog. The company uses wood from the surrounding forests of the Bethmale valley, and practises all the traditional production techniques. In addition to these clogs, the firm makes garden clogs, souvenir clogs and wooden folk-art objects. Most of the products are sold on the premises and in local specialist shops. The Saboterie Jusot also supplies a small number of museums in France and overseas.