Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Maison Esnault

Forged knives, jewellery, artistic ironwork
4 rue des Forges
85130 Landes Genusson

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
The company makes forged knives and tools, jewellery, sets precious stones and makes hand-forged wrought ironwork.

It reduces its ore in a blast furnace, and also makes Damascus steel in the forge. It makes hand-forged swords and forged knives.

It forges cutting tools for individuals and tradesmen, and folding knives in small series featuring innovative design and mechanisms.

The knife-making and tool-making activity targets individuals, collectors, restorers and professionals.

The company also makes jewellery collections in gold, silver and stainless steel with precious stones.

It melts its precious metals, like gold and silver, itself using the lost wax casting technique.

The jewellery activity targets individuals and jewellery retailers.

It forges wrought iron items such as bannisters, railings, gates and fences, and it forges small series of lights, furniture, fire-dogs, etc.

It makes pure iron items from iron sheet.

The wrought iron activity targets individuals, architects, decorators and heritage restorers.