Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

La coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand

Espace Les Cayres
12210 Laguiole

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

This family-run company is known in Laguiole for the passion and enthusiasm it applies to its traditional knife-making methods.

The different models it proposes are: - folding Laguiole knives (3 ranges) - Laguiole canteens of cutlery (3 ranges) - customised collector knives. The company masters many skills. Each craftsman makes the knives entirely by hand. Some are skilled in embellishing techniques, such as burin engraving, handle sculpting and scrimshaw engraving (engraving ivory handles with a needle). The components – blades, springs and bolsters – are made by blacksmiths, without using robots. A Damascus steel blacksmith forges this type of steel all year round using ancestral techniques. In 2007, the manufacturing area welcomed 200,000 visitors who enjoyed free guided tours of the workshops. The company has its own Laguiole knife museum. The products are sold in the company’s three boutiques/workshops. Some of the knives are sold on the Coutellerie de Laguiole Website. The company won 1st prize in the Mercure d’Or competition in 2002 and one of its employees, Jean-Michel Cayron, was named a "Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 2007.