Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Jean-Pierre Lepine Sarl

Writing articles and watches
24 rue Lacuzon BP 4
39170 Saint-Lupicin

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Situated in a harsh and beautiful area near Switzerland, the Haut-Jura, the family firm of Jean-Pierre Lépine constantly innovates.

It is constantly on the lookout for new technological forms and inventions to make writing tools, automatic watches and accessories. Benjamin Lépine, equipped with computers with 3D programmes, sets down the ideas, and builds and develops the forms that he perfects down to the smallest detail.


All items in the catalogue are made in their workshops. The parts are machined in bulk and developed with cutting-edge technologies in precious resins: brass, aluminium, methacrylate, acetate, gold, silver, rare woods, stainless steel and Delrin. They then go through a number of complex operations until they are perfectly finished.


A small technical team with the knowledge and culture of luxury passed down through four generations, genius from the Jura and Swiss quality result in exceptional objects.