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Ets Roze

Manufacture of sealing wax
P. A. des Petits Carreaux
4 Avenue des Coquelicots
94380 Bonneuil sur Marne

Tel : +33 (0)1 48 83 06 04

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Ets Roze, in its current legal entity, was created in 1968, in continuation of a company in existence since 1895 and whose activities were resumed in 1944 by Mr Roze, grandfather of the current owners.

Sealing wax is manufactured using the traditional methods of mixing, research into colours, manual pouring into ancient moulds of various shapes: hexagonal blocks, sticks – square or round – blocks, flat or lump, bars or strips. The company also offers tools: melting pots, wax guns, standard or personalised stamps. 


The Roze company has won the trust of customers in various sectors: administration, cabinet-making, jewels and jewellery, heraldic engraving and alcohol production, in France and abroad. 



It offers its customers an exceptional range of over 300 colours; these can be reconstructed upon request even for small amounts (from 10 kg).