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Lift Face

Natural coatings, eco-building
Rue du Riaillé
ZI Nord
85260 Montaigu

Tel : +33 (0)2 51 48 83 30

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Sale with the private individuals

Sarl Lift Face is specialised in making and applying outdoor and indoor plaster for the construction, renovation and restoration fields.

It works on contemporary supports, such as concrete block, concrete, brick and traditional or ancient supports such as stone or earth. The company applies industrial mortars, but it is known for its specialisation in natural plasters. The natural plasters it applies are made from hemp, lime or earth.


Unlike some companies that use ready-to-use plasters, Lift Face makes its own plasters. It gets its lime and hemp from the best suppliers on the market. The company has also adapted a cement gun to apply hemp when damp. 


Lift Face works for private customers and institutions.