Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

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Design, manufacturing and volumetric production of models for industry
Le Bourget du Lac

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

First specialised in the production of models for architecture and industry, the company was quickly led to take an interest in decoration, interactive exhibits and special layouts for Museums.

These are materials for presenting objects to the public: models, furnishings including the interactive exhibit systems and the interactive exhibits themselves, and furnishings for presenting objects, sculptures and decorations.

Projects combine several techniques and an understanding of how they are used to materialise an object: machining, moulding, decoration, etc. The workshop handles many materials: metal, wood, glass, all kinds of resins and plaster.

The company was a pioneer in the transformations that have come along in the profession over the past 20 years. It stands out for the excellent functional and aesthetic quality of its services and faultless finishes.

With projects carried out throughout France and abroad (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, French overseas departments and territories, etc.), the clientele includes architects, promoters, industries, design offices, local authorities and associations, as well as creators and artists.