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Maroquinerie Philippe Serres (Kiplay Maroquinerie)

Leather goods
Plaine de Recourdies
81390 Briatexte

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Located in the Graulhet leatherworks cluster in the Tarn department since 1927, the Maroquinerie Philippe Serres family leatherworks company employs an experienced team with a high-level of know-how in leather crafts.

It works as a third-party producer for major brands and develops its own collection under the Philippe Serres brand.

It offers small leather goods, handbags, briefcases and belts, mainly in calfskin, cowhide, deerskin and young bull skin in a classic style.

The workshop handles all operations from patterns to quality control, not to mention the production of cutting tools, the choice and selection of materials and assembly. All the production is the result of rare know-how requiring complex operations that take skill and experience.