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Loc Maria

Biscuit making, manufacturing of "crêpes dentelles" (Gavottes)
BP 56344
35763 Saint-Gregoire Cedex

Tel : +33 (0)2 99 84 82 00

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Loc Maria manufactures crêpes dentelle (Gavottes), invented in Quimper in 1893 by Marie-Catherine Cornic, who once left a pancake cooking too long. She decided to bend it, wrap it and taste it. All the authenticity of the discovery of this recipe for crêpes dentelle has been retained up to this day.

Loc Maria is the only company with an industrial tool to manufacture crêpes dentelle: the tool it uses is unique.

The complexity of the Loc Maria savoir-faire lies in its mastery of the machine settings: controlling consistency and viscosity during the preparation of the dough; weight control, colour and the size of the pancakes during baking.

The oven manager must adjust the setting of the burners. Rolling the dough in 8 folds of a very thin layer (~ 0.6 mm), made just after coming out of the oven, requires highly technical expertise because the dough, while still malleable, becomes brittle very quickly.

The company has an established customer base.