Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Ets Ayrens

Production of high-class umbrellas
Route de Champs Romain
24470 Saint-Pardoux la Rivière
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Tel : +33 (0)5 53 56 71 10
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Founded in 1964, Ets Ayrens took over from Ets Paillargue, which was founded in 1868. It was managed by the same family until 2005, when it was bought by the current manager.

The company is specialised in making high-end umbrellas and sunshades. Ayrens models are known for their hidden ribs – the frame is entirely hidden inside two layers. They can be matched to bags and shoes. The company recently made large umbrellas for golfers.


The company works with a number of countries.  It orders high-end, glass fibre frames from China, which is the unique supplier of these. Fabrics are bought in Europe; the handles come from Germany and Italy. Craftsmen in Africa provide sculpted wood handles.


Today there are less than ten umbrella manufacturers in France. The company owns rare expertise in terms of high-end cutting and sewing. The company cuts out fabrics, sews the covering and assembles the umbrellas. This rare know-how is owned by the six seamstresses. There is no training in this field. In addition, the company makes all of the items it sells, which is unusual: several companies in this field are forced to sell other products in parallel to those that they make.


The customer base consists mainly of leather goods retailers, although some companies use umbrellas as a promotional item. The current manager has developed new opportunities, notably licensed production for large clothing brands (Guy Laroche, Colette, Texier). It intends to continue in this field; one of the main areas for development is export.