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Dulion charpente

Restoration of wooden structures
10 chemin de Ronde
89160 Ancy Le Franc

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"Dulion Charpente", founded in 1947, specialises in the restoration of wood frames on historical monuments.



Restoration of specific structures (carousels, presses and panelled arches), fitting of complex staying, graft and scarf joint restoration, timber frame, belfry and framework structural restoration, renovation of hydraulic structures (valves, lock work). 


It possesses outstanding know-how. It uses traditional processes: wood cutting (tracing, plumb bob scribing, haunched tenon assembly, tenon and mortise assembly, dowelling, etc.), finishing of wood facings using traditional tools (plane, adze, etc.), use of antique wood. The company initiated a partnership with the Auxerre Centre for medieval studies, performing wood frame dendrochronologies in collaboration with specialists.


The company operates mainly in Bourgogne, Champagne-Ardenne and Ile de France. It caters to the needs of individuals and institutions in charge of building maintenance: Departmental councils, municipalities, DRAC (Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate), etc. It works in particular for head architects of Historical Monuments and Heritage architects.