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Guy Degrenne

Design, development and production of tableware and kitchenware
BP 50056
Route Guy Degrenne
14502 Vire

Tel : +33 (0)2 31 66 44 00

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The Guy Degrenne firm was founded in 1948 in Sourdeval and the manufacturing site in Vire was built in 1968.

Bought in 1987 by the holding "Table de France”, Guy Degrenne SA was restructured in 2000 into four production units (Guy Degrenne Industrie, Porcelaines Guy Degrenne in Limoges, Alföld Porcelan in Hungary and Siam Tableware in Thailand (cutlery)) and four distribution units (Distribution Guy Degrenne, Boutiques Guy Degrenne, Guy Degrenne Belgium, TDF North America).


Guy Degrenne is specialised in making items from stainless steel: cutlery and plateware. Products made in France (tableware in stainless steel and aluminium) are top of the range. Household items include cutlery, champagne buckets, plates and cooking items. Industrial items made require very complex technologies and high-level expertise in deep drawing, for sectors such as the aeronautical and nuclear sectors.  Some parts sometimes require intermediate firing (annealing) to reach the required depths, such as for nuclear drums or pumps.

Rare know-how that cannot be learned through initial training, such as polishing, chipping, etching, micro-bead blasting, laser soldering and vacuum brazing require a number of people: 10 for chipping and etching, 20 for polishing, 5 for gilding. A leader in Europe in laser soldering, the company manages, on the same site, the design, simulation, digital programming, laser soldering, polishing, vacuum brazing and laser engraving.


The company has two types of customer: different industries (Cogema, Faiveley, supplier of railway material, Salmson, pump manufacturer, Vorwerk, maker of kitchen blenders); sub-contracting work for French luxury brands and sells "Guy Degrenne” tableware.  In 2006, the group was awarded the Enseigne d’Or prize for its innovative franchising concept.