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Production of named bouquet (curling ribbons) known as
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Ammann-Sander manufactures and markets bouquet (curling) ribbons known as "bolducs".

Based in Alsace since 1900, the company has a virtual monopoly in France. From using a natural product in cotton and gelatine, the technique has evolved towards plastic, polypropylener, a synthetic recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

For the manufacture of cotton Bolduc, the company uses a machine over a century old composed of a cotton reel son, a gelatin bath, of a succession of four cylinders or drums of an embossing machine and a bobin winder.

The workshop uses a single assembly method for bonding cotton thread in parallel, requiring preparation of the glue mixture and assembling thread in combs. The extrusion oof polypropylene requires specialised facilities (mastering rapidity, temperature and stretching) based on the desired colour to obtain a ribbon that curls while remaining resistant.