Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Foundry work
51, rue Jean Bogé
BP 19
70170 Port sur Saône

Tel : +33 (0)3 84 91 50 26

Founded in 1994, SN FODOR is a foundry in Port sur Saône.

The current manager took over the company founded by his father in 1967. The company’s main activity is the design and manufacture of ornamental bronze work for furniture (furniture legs, handles and locks). SN FODOR also makes bronze sculptures. It recently developed a furniture design activity.


This foundry carries out every step of manufacturing: sand moulding, cire perdue moulding, casting parts, finishing and patina work. The clientele consists mainly of decoration professionals and sculptors and includes several institutions in charge of conserving heritage (10% of turnover). Like Deroyaume and Sables Noirs, the company’s know-how is shared by less than fifteen foundries; in addition, it has command of every step of production, from design through to finishing (moulding, casting, chasing, patina work and polishing).


The theory side (knowledge in metallurgy, wax moulding techniques, chasing, etc.) can be learnt via the traditional training methods. However, mastering the sand moulding technique requires experience and a certain talent. SN FODOR works only to order. However, the manager recently developed a furniture design activity.


Models from this line of furniture are currently on display in different art galleries. 1/5th of turnover is made abroad.