Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Manufacture of style furniture and solid marquetry
67 avenue Maginot
01000 Bourg en Bresse

Tel : +33 (0)4 74 23 15 31
Sale to private individuals and professionals

Moissonnier is the pride of a tradition passed down through the generations. It is the name of a family of cabinetmakers which has become a brand, a reference of excellence, which expresses the quality and luxury of "Made In France” in the finest interiors all over the world.

Origins: located in France, in Bourg-en-Bresse, since 1885, Moissonnier works with wood with passion and exacting requirements. The company’s creativity stems from the perfect command of art and the time dedicated to the piece. Behind each piece of Moissonnier furniture is the hand and the heart of the craftsman, the luxury for detail and for fine workmanship.


Timeless: Moissonnier signs a new, modern collection. The factory reasserts its excellent know-how and throws a new look on its great classics: chest 573, white, black marble and silver bronze, new mirror in the spirit of "Madeleine Castaing”, XXL varnished table with a collection of highly graphic Jacob chairs, etc. The timelessness of black and white, in contrast to the coloured varnishes that have made the brand famous all over the world.


Know-how: Moissonnier launches items that are emblematic of its know-how by giving place of honour to waxed varnishes (filing cabinet, small desk) and by revisiting the Empire style (filing cabinet) and the Italian Baroque style (table). The company demonstrates its talent with the perfect command of lines and proportions, of varnish and sculpture, following the tradition of the Decorative Arts.


Made-to-measure: Moissonnier is at the service of its customers’ fancies, with items such as sectional office furniture, small "gem-like” pieces of furniture and 4-metre tables. Moissonnier bends to the particular requirements of every project, whether it be in the choice of finish or the choice of proportions, to come up with unique solutions. This rare and precious potential is sought after all over the world.


Originality: blending unique items and daring creations, Moissonnier cultivates a particular alchemy. At the crossroads of historical styles and avant-garde aesthetics, its furniture breathes new life into tradition. With a set of rare varnishes and finishes inspired by contemporary art or fashion, Moissonnier leaves its mark on its time.