Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Philippe Soeuvre

Ironwork, cutlery
44 rue de l'Etang
89630 Quarre les Tombes

Tel : +33 (0)3 86 32 28 91

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The workshop, founded in 2002, is specialised in two activities: iron work and knife making.


In iron work, the company mainly reproduces period pieces and is particularly specialised in making hewn stair rails.  In knife making, the workshop makes unique, high-level parts, particularly complex Damascus steel blades. 


In iron work and knife making, the workshop takes care of all operations, from design through to manufacture. In iron work, the workshop stands out for its iron sculpting work. In knife making, it has developed a special Damascus steel colouring technique, which very few French knife maker / blacksmiths manage to do. It designs figurative mosaics using cutting, thermal and chemical treatment processes to colour Damascus steel. It is recognised by its peers for the quality of its work and by the specialised press. Its quick progress has been helped along by its know-how and professional knowledge. The company carries out complex assembly work (forge welding, riveting, mortise and tenon), but is especially known in iron work for high-level pure iron welding, which is rare in France. In knife making, the workshop is one of the few that can work on complex Damascus steel. Welding of pure iron is not a skill that is taught in schools and making Damascus steel and complex Damascus steel is not taught anywhere.


Its customer base is comprised 80% of private customers and 20% of companies. The workshop works mainly to order. It takes part in exhibitions (Troyes, Dijon) and is promoted in the specialised press. The Web site also promotes the workshop.