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René Neymann

Unleavened bread production
46 rue du 23 novembre
67310 Wasselonne

Tel : +33 (0)3 88 87 03 57

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
René Neymann is the oldest French producer of unleavened bread. Founded in 1850 and located in Alsace, the family business is now run by the 5th generation.
It makes four ranges of unleavened bread: Sanita, Bio (organic), Cacher (kosher) and Neymann's. The products are available in various mixes and flavours: natural, rye, bran, whole wheat flour, with eggs and onions, sesame and cumin.


The Neymann reputation quickly extended beyond the limits of the family bakery: people came from near and far for this delicious specialty, light and crispy, composed exclusively of carefully selected flour and water

This long tradition and ancient recipe, handed down from father to son for five generations, has allowed René Neymann to acquire an unrivalled expertise, valuable know-how and a solid international reputation.

Maintaining constant and impeccable quality, always aware of its consumers and the different distribution channels in France and around the world, René Neymann enjoys a strong reputation and is recognised as the specialist of high quality unleavened bread. Today this means it is included among a select group of century-old family businesses.