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Ets Janier

Maturing and sale of French and foreign cheeses
27 rue Seguin
69002 Lyon

Tel : 33 (0)4 78 38 01 12

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Founded in 1946, SAS Ets Janier, continues the cheese making business of several generations of Janier, since 1905.


It is currently managed by Christian and Maurice Janier (CEO and Director).


The company matures and sells traditional French cheeses (85%) and foreign cheeses (15%), most of which are made from raw milk (95%). Ets Janier collects the production from over 800 farms, amounting to a yearly volume of 730 tonnes, which are redistributed to specialised retail dairies. The company matures several dozens of different products covering a range of cheese families: soft cheeses with a white crust, blue-veined cheese, uncooked pressed cheeses, cooked pressed cheeses, etc. The company is an expert in maturing around one hundred types of cheeses, which is uncommon. In general, the ripeners are specialised in one type of cheese. Christian Janier has the Meilleur Ouvrier de France qualification as a cheese ripener. Maurice Janier can boast of several years as a court-appointed expert for the Court of Appeal of Lyon for the cheese business.