Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Bourg-Joly SAS

Manufacture of earthenware
16, rue Carnot
72270 Malicorne sur Sarthe

The company is heir to master ceramic workers who have been established in Malicorne, on the banks of the Sarthe, since 1747. The name Bourg Joly appeared in 1842 when the Rabigot family set up on the site.

The company has highly technical expertise inherited from 18th-century techniques, including manual modelling, punching and jiggering, thus guaranteeing the quality of its products and creations. The techniques perpetuated by Bourg Joly SAS, such as cutting, making cut-outs, making trompe l’oeil fruit and authentic decor on raw enamel are becoming quite rare.


The company has a shop in Malicorne and in the old town of Mans, where it sells its products. It works to order and makes customised items. Bourge Joly SAS also works with young designers to bring its artistic and cultural heritage in line with modern tastes.