Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Maillard Rémi

3 rue de la Chipauderie
36150 Aize

Tel : +33 (0)2 54 49 80 87
The company is represented by its manager, Rémi Maillard, a master-lacquerer and decorator of international renown.

With a background in painting and decorating and as a fashion stylist for haute couture, he has worked for many big names.-

In 1982, he discovered lacquer, a material made from animal or vegetable materiels, which requires great mastery. Very conscientious, he seeks perfection, creating works of high quality.

After a long apprenticeship, punctuated by stays in the Far East and internships in the Chinese workshops of Paris, he became even more committed to this artistic approach after meeting the great lacquerer, Bernard Dunand.

Rémi Maillard has succeeded in adapting the ancient Chinese lacquering process on volumes, respecting the very ancient origins of lacquer, which dates back more than eight thousand years, in China and later codified and enhanced in Japan. He has thus become a recognised specialist in the lacquers of China and Japan, combining creation and tradition and giving a personal touch that is contemporary not figurative.

His art is appreciated and collected from Tokyo to New York.


He receives prestigious, technically specific commissions.

All his creations are made by hand on wooden and other mediums. He uses traditional ancestral processes.

The technique of lacquering requires meticulous, time-consuming work.

A very recent portrait of Rémi Maillard was produced byFrance-Télévision/France 3 National and broadcast on TV and on the internet.