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Bullier - Pinceaux Leonard

Manufacture of brushes
37 boulevard Laënnec
BP 127
22000 Saint-Brieuc

Tel : +33 (0)2 96 94 31 10

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Pinceaux Léonard, a factory dating back to before the French Revolution and bought by the Bullier family in 1840, is specialised in making fine paintbrushes for artists and craftspeople, as well as make-up brushes for professionals and the general public.

The company takes care of all operations: preparation of hair (steaming and tapping), binding, varnishing handles, gluing strands, setting, combing and cutting, etc. The company’s specific know-how requires lengthy experience, particularly in preparing the hair, preparing ostrich feathers, making extra-wide ferrules, and of course, making the strands of the brush. 

The clientele is mainly made up of companies and specialist shops. The company has its own brand, Léonard, and works to order under customers’ brands. More than one third of its production is exported, mainly to the European Union, Australia, Canada, Russia, Thailand and the USA.