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Maison Chevalier

Cleaning and restoration of carpets, tapestries and ancient and contemporary fabrics
6-8 rue Lepine Marcel
92700 Colombes

Founded in 1917, Chevalier Conservation has specialised for four generations in the cleaning, conservation and restoration of antique, contemporary and modern tapestries, rugs and textiles.

The firm’s expertise combines the traditional methods employed by Museums of France-accredited restorers and award-winning “Best Craftswomen of France” with state-of-the-art techniques and, in particular, the creation in 2001 of a tapestry-cleaning laboratory, the only one of its kind anywhere in the world.Chevalier Conservation handles a wide range of articles, from the most ordinary rugs to the most prestigious tapestries, targeting a broad spectrum of customers, including individuals, collectors, museums, institutional clients and foundations.Chevalier Conservation also offers professionals and individuals a home cleaning service for carpets, wall hangings and furnishing fabrics.