Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Société Gaston Mercier Développement

Manufacture of saddles and accessories for endurance horse-riding
Le Mas de Vinaigre

Sale to private individuals and professionals

Gaston Mercier, the current director's father, established his company in 1998. A salesman and experienced horse rider (once champion of France and twice champion of Europe in endurance), he wanted to develop and make a saddle for endurance riding that would be more effective and more comfortable for both horse and rider.

The company, which is now managed by the founder's son, is specialised in making equipment for endurance horse riding: saddles, saddlebags, rugs and straps, stirrups and stirrup leathers, etc.

The company is one of three in France that makes endurance saddles. Its rare know-how combines traditional, manual techniques (cutting, threading, dyeing, casing, tightening seats and pegs, assembly and finishing work) and innovative techniques in terms of shapes (development of a new seat) and materials (carbon pommels, water-repellent leather). It regularly develops new products, for example a new made-to-measure carbon pommel carbon, a new stirrup and the extension of the accessories’ range with new materials.

The majority of customers are private individuals. The company also exports its products (25% ) to Europe. All items made are in the high-end sector.