Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Les Ateliers Fourès

Leather goods
Avenue Gay-Lussac
81300 Graulhet

Tel : +33 (0)5 63 34 79 26
Sale to private individuals and professionals
Les Ateliers Fourès have existed since 1969 and are located near Haut Languedoc, which boasts an age-old culture of leather.
The French leathers that we select are extremely natural and have a flattering, addictive and inimitable touch. They give an incomparable feel to our products, which develop a patina and become more beautiful over time.
Our team, made up of experienced leather-making craftsmen with dexterous fingers and rare know-how, is our greatest pride. Whether cutting, paring, embossing, assembly, binding, stitching, etc., all of the steps in our profession are entirely performed in the Ateliers Fourès.
This heritage and our high-quality French manufacturing have been recognised by the designation of the "Living Heritage Company” label.