Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Therias et l'Econome

Le Besset
BP 119
63308 Thiers cedex

Tel : +33 (0)4 73 80 41 7

Founded in 1819, the company is specialised in traditional knife-making and in making kitchen accessories. A knife-maker from father to son for six generations, the company is known in particular for its invention of the Econome® knife. It makes 1,500 knife references under different brands.

Its rare know-how concerns traditional knife-making. Its products are original and unique: the Econome®, the pineapple-cutter and other cooking utensils.

It exports to around 20 countries including the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Its clientele consists solely of retailers.