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Metafer - CFeR

Ironwork, metal millwork
PA1 du Grand Plessis
5 route de la Hautière
22940 Plaintel

Tel : +33 (0)2 96 32 56 00

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Founded in 1972, the company Metafer specialises in ironwork and metal joinery.
It has complex technical expertise in joinery and folding, and the fact that it has an in-house research unit and an understanding of material engineering allows it to push technical boundaries in terms of calculating the resistance of materials, design creativity, the use of materials and other materials with technical constraints.
It is an expert in traditional machining and hot or cold ironwork. It has mastered every sawing, bending, drilling and metal milling techniques, as well as joinery methods using soldering, forging or cold-joinery (riveting, clinch joints, tenons, mortice, etc.). It also performs minimal surface treatments using linseed oil and contract galvanisation or thermolacquering upon request, as well as installation at the client's property. Its clients are mainly private individuals, as well as several businesses (restaurants, hotels etc.) and institutions, working alongside architects, interior designers and national monuments around France.
The company has been awarded the QUALIBAT Qualification of "Monuments historiques" 4493 Ferronnerie d'art (Historic Monuments, Ironwork Craftsmanship) in December 2015. It has worked on prestigious buildings, including: a rectory in Louasne in 2008, the doorway of the Conseil Général (Departmental Council) in St Brieuc, the doorway of the church of St Yves in St Brieuc, the 19th century doorway of the Craffault château in Plédran, etc.