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Artistic enamelling
3 avenue Roland Garros
31570 Sainte-Foy-d'Aigrefeuille

Tel : +33 (0)5 62 18 83 33
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Empreinte is a manufacturer of tailor-made signage, specialising in enamelled printing on lava stone.
Mastering this technique is particularly delicate and requires a precise understanding of the enamels used and their blends in order to obtain dazzling colours that match the files, as well as their firing at a very high temperature to ensure vitrification and set them permanently.
Thanks to its expertise, Empreinte is able to print any file, including very high definition reproductions of paintings by old masters.
In addition to the quality of the images produced, the lava is also extremely robust. Our panels are guaranteed to remain visually identical to the image on the date they were delivered for ten years (with an expected lifetime of 30 years!).The prints are completely immune to UV rays, frost, heat, vandalism (graffiti, scratches, perforation, etc.).

Many communities and private clients have been won over by the qualities of this material in France, around the world and throughout Europe, where Empreinte endeavours to increase the reputation of this stone and its specifically French techniques through its network of dealers.