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Dehondt Technologies

Agricultural machines for flax
ZI - 95 rue Denis Papin
Notre Dame de Gravenchon
76330 Port Jerome sur Seine

Tel : +33 (0)2 35 38 68 38

The name Dehondt Technologies is associated with a number of different brands : Le Lin, GD Dehondt, Lintex. Nattex, Lin Technic and Bio-affinage.

It works on the development of specific processes and machinery for all aspects of flax production, from lifting to stripping, with a view to processing the flax into textile fibres and technical fibres, particularly for use in composites. Dehondt Technologies is today the only French company able to offer a complete range of equipment for the harvesting and processing of flax. Its expertise lies in its knowledge of the product (the company still grows its own flax) and in fifty years of research and development, always listening to and serving the flax industry and its customers and partners (both industrial and universities). Its ongoing innovations have recently made it possible to process long-fibre flax, giving rise to a new technical flax segment, namely for industrial flax-composite applications, including in the plastics, automotive and aerospace industries. Global leader in flax-rolling machines, Dehondt Technologies exports its machinery worldwide.