Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

ALM Deco

Lacquer art, on furniture and woodwork
29 rue Cartier Bresson
93500 Pantin

The lacquer studio in Paris, ALM Déco, specialises in restoring objects and renovating furniture.
The expertise of a lacquerer-varnisher is rare and complex, all the more so due to the elaborate nature of the decorations to be applied. Lacquering is a technique that consists of applying successive layers of varnish, sanded and polished, to a smooth surface in order to decorate and protect it. For restoration work, lacquer and varnish are used after the piece of furniture is sanded down, where necessary. For designer furniture creations, the plain base is sanded, lacquered, varnished and polished. Gold leaf is applied using the process of Mixtion oil gilding, with the leaf applied using a palette knife. Lacquer is applied using a spray gun or palette knife, sometimes inlaid with other materials (aluminium, mother of pearl, etc.).

Over the past three years, the studio has restored furniture and decorative objects by Raymond Delamarre, Leleu, Quinet, Pierre Paulin and Dunand, Switzerland, Paul­‐Etienne, SAÏN.