Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

L'horloger de la Croix Rousse

Restoration of clocks and antique clocks
30 chemin de Crépieux
69300 Caluire et Cuire

L’horloger de la Croix Rousse specialises in the restoration of antique clocks. It boasts family know-how, professional machinery and experience enhanced by "tricks of the trade” passed down through four generations.

The company is also in possession of documentation specific to various types of clock mechanism, thanks to research in this area over the years. Clocks are restored in precise keeping with techniques used by artisan clockmakers. What’s more, keeping a detailed record of every operation is important to L’horloger de la Croix Rouge, why a detailed report is produced for every clock repair. The company, which is now well known outside local borders, has also been commissioned for the restoration of monumental clocks, such as that at the Vaux le Vicomte Château, which it recently returned to its original condition, and for the design of original pieces.