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L'Atelier de Reliure Eurl

Bookbinding, creation and restoration
11 rue Beyle-Stendhal
38000 Grenoble

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Founded in 1932, L'Atelier de Reliure is dedicated to the restoration/preservation of books, archives and prints; it also performs top-of-the-line bookbinding and functional binding. It brings together all the know-how and skills needed for antique book restoration and creative bookbinding.

The workshop performs highly specific work such as restoring leather bindings, publisher’s cardboard, or parchment bindings using the techniques of the period: hand stitching on leather, treatment for overlays, maps or parchments lined with Japanese tissue and repairing imperfections using paper pulp spray techniques.

It also produces unique, modern bindings and imitation antique bindings using specific techniques for each period (stitching on bands, twine or binding tape, covers in leather, parchment or tanned skins, etc.), and can meet all book-lovers’ needs, ensuring the bookbinder obtains the finest execution around.

All work is done at the workshop, which has a unique collection of binder’s stamps for restoring gold leaf and composing antique décorations.

The clientele comprises institutional customers (departmental archives, libraries and town halls), antique book sellers, book-lovers and private individuals.