Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Société Coopérative Agricole de Vannerie

Manufacture of furniture and basketwork articles
1 rue de la Cheneillere
37190 Villaines les Rochers

Tel : +33(0)2 47 45 43 03
Sale to private individuals and professionals

Founded in 1849 by the village Abbot, Chicoise, the Société coopérative agricole de vannerie has more than one hundred basket makers.

It makes and sells wicker objects, wicker/rattan furniture, displays and accessories for food products in bakeries, cold meat shops or hotels. The wicker is grown locally and the cooperative works with designers to come up with new models.


Some products made by the company are sold in Europe, the United States, Australia, Russia and Asia. The majority of production is sold at the workshop, via Internet and a few specialised sellers. Hotel, catering and bakery professionals are the company’s main customers.