Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Heliodore SAS

Manufacture of fashion accessories, jewellery
109 avenue Daumesnil

Sale to private individuals and professionals

The company is specialised in making jewellery accessories. The designer, Philippe Ferrandis, makes his own collection, releasing two new collections per year. The workshops have been in Paris for 25 years.

He also designs, each season, a few spectacular items of large dimensions with precious stones and natural crystals.


Philippe Ferrandis attaches a great deal of importance to the choice of materials he uses. They are noble, natural and refined. Hard stones, wood, glass imitation gemstones and crystal are set in elaborate metal designs.


The company has rare know-how in crafting jewellery, shared with less than fifteen companies in France: manufacture of models and prototypes of complex models, high-level metalwork and soldering.


More than a third of its sales are from export and its clientele is made up of both companies and customers. It has its own boutiques in Paris.