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Tricoterie du Val de Saire

36 rue Doncanville
50760 Valcanville

Tel : +33 (0)2 33 54 02 06

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Tricoterie du Val de Saire was founded in 1979 by Jean-Luc Hyver and specialises in upmarket ready-to-wear fashions.
It boasts a range of specialist, highly technical expertise. In the design and programming of its flat knitting machines: its ability to "convert" the creations and designs provided by clients into stitching.

Other excellent expertise: ironing and inspection of the panels produced by the knitting machines, the cutting of these panels, which is carried out by hand to protect the stitching; every piece is cut individually. Manual finishing to close a belt or wrist by rebuilding the mesh column (i.e., remeshing) and fitting to retrieve stitches.

Its activity is carried out with its own collections sold to private individuals, manufacturing for its clients, high-end ready-to-wear brands or luxury brands (Balmain, Faith Connexion, etc) and institutions (Assemblée Nationale).

Tricoterie du Val de Saire manufactures all of the scarves sold at the Assemblée Nationale shop.