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Carpets for furnishing
13 rue Labie
75017 Paris

An interior decorator since 1953, Phelippeau Tapissier works for highly acclaimed architects and interior designers, as well as for private customers.

The firm’s staff bring into play their expertise in seat joinery, decorative upholstery, and stitched upholstery. They use traditional seat-upholstery techniques: jute webbing, springs, animal hair, mise en blanc and cotton padding. The stitching is done by hand or machine.In close contact with customers, whether interior designers or private individuals, the firm’s integrated research office and showroom mean that plans are able to be drawn up, seat designs, fabrics, rods and other accessories chosen, and the best possible bespoke service provided.In view of the quality of its productions, the firm goes on supplying high-class services to major customers and prestigious sites: private hotels, historic monuments, and residences in France and around the world (including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, the USA, and the Sultanate of Oman).Phelippeau Tapissier is certified by Qualibat, the French construction industry certification body, for upholstery and interior decorating.