Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Pagès Vedrenne

Manufacture of spirits
Distillerie de Blavozy
202 avenue René Descartes
43700 Saint Germain Laprade

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

The family-owned Pagès Vedrenne group is a unique ensemble of expertise in the wines and spirits sector.

It comprises distilleries and brands emblematic of a rich history.

- Pagès, since 1859, in Le Puy-en-Velay in Auvergne, and its emblematic herbal liqueur, Verveine du Velay.
- Vedrenne, since 1923, in Nuits-Saint-Georges, specialising in Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne and high-quality fruit liqueurs and cordials.
- Salers, since 1885, in Corrèze, the oldest gentian liqueur in the Massif Central. Today combined in Turenne with the Distillerie des Terres Rouges, which specialises in high-class distilled spirits.
- Distillerie du Noyau de Poissy, since 1698, the last historic distillery in the Paris region.
Founded on tradition, Pagès Vedrenne is also highly creative and actively exports to more than 60 countries. It also has a strong involvement in distillery tourism, in particular at Le Cassissium, in Nuits-Saints-Georges, which receives 40 000 visitors per year.