Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Société d'application du métal rouge

Manufacture and business of bearing-liners for landings
27 rue Danton
BP 20048
10150 Pont-Sainte-Marie

Since its founding in 1947, Société d’Application du Métal Rouge (SAMR) has specialised in the application of antifriction metal coatings by centrifuge.

The firm exclusively manufactures bearings with antifriction coatings made from copper- or tin-based alloys. It produces bearings, bearing rings, side plates, sealing rings, cross heads and pads. It has perfected the process of homogeneous fusion of two immiscible materials and the application of antifriction coatings by centrifuge. It came up with the technique for casting bimetallic bearings by centrifuge.

SAMR supports its customers through all stages of bearing design and reliability. A training provider approved by the regional authorities, it shares its passion for bearings with users of rotating machines who are keen to develop their expertise in bearing maintenance. Finally, it assesses faults and suggests solutions to customers.

SAMR markets its products in the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries. It carries out assessments for customers and services their fluid bearings on request.