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Ateliers Henri Helmbold

Creation and restoration of stained glass windows
Le Choizel
35150 Corps-Nuds

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Ateliers Henri Helmbold is specialised in the restoration and design of stained-glass windows.

In terms of the number of staff it employs, the firm ranks among the biggest French stained-glass window workshops. This means it is in a position to provide high-quality work on sites of considerable size. The most widespread stained-glass window-making method consists of assembling the pieces of coloured glass using lead came. The glass used is flat, between 1.5 and 5 mm thick, and the lead takes the form of slanting H-shaped strips known as ‘came’. The glass pieces are set in the lead, then the whole is fixed permanently in place by tin-soldering at each intersection of the lead. Specialised in 19th-century stained-glass window restoration work, Ateliers Henri Helmbold has also developed its own design activity, and a range of fused thermoformed products, such as decorative objects and glassware.