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Ateliers Loire

Creation and restoration of stained glass windows
16 rue d'Ouarville

Tel : +33 (0)2 37 21 20 71

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Created in 1946 by Gabriel Loire, the workshop is currently managed by his descendants, Jacques, Hervé and Bruno Loire.

Ateliers Loire specialises in the creation and restoration of stained glass windows. It masters both traditional and modern techniques, enabling it to work with contemporary artists.


Ateliers Loire cover in excess of 1000 m² of buildings, each of which has a specific purpose: dalle de verre, colouring, stained glass windows, cutting, but also offices and apartments for housing artists in residence. The workshop works on references of French heritage. It took part in the restoration of the Chartres cathedral's stained glass windows, in the restoration of the stained glass windows of the Elysée Palace's Reception Hall and in the creation of the stained glass windows of England's Salisbury cathedral.


Ateliers Loire presents its work, along with artists' creations, in the Stained Glass Gallery, exhibition area, in front of Chartres cathedral.