Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Le Bois Plaisir

Wood marquetry
5b rue du Puits
25300 Dommartin

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Located in the Jura, the historical birthplace of treenware, Le Bois Plaisir specialises in treenware and marquetry.

The firm makes marquetried products, including jewellery boxes, music boxes, tableaux, small pieces of furniture, office accessories and marquetried furniture. The products are designed drawing on a large stock of wood veneers from over sixty different species, making it possible to produce varied and complex marquetry. Materials other than wood complete the stock, including tortoiseshell, bone and straw, as well as ferrous materials such as brass and pewter. All treenware and marquetry operations are carried out by hand. Le Bois Plaisir has developed a new range of contemporary objects in partnership with various artists and designers.  The firm’s products are sold in specialist stores in France and overseas, as well as in the atelier itself, at trade fairs and over the internet.