Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Ateliers Ferignac

La Gare
24390 Hautefort
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Since 1928, the "Férignac" workshops have specialised in historical heritage maintenance and restoration.

They propose a complete range of complementary skills: cabinet-making, sculpture, art metalwork, polychromy and gilding. But it is in carpentry and joinery that the company really distinguishes itself. 


The company is called upon to work on church, windmill or watermill projects, but also for individuals. Its interventions cover both frames structures, broad plank arches and stairs. its joinery work involves the creation of doors, casements, windows, shutters and all types of parquet floors. 


The workshops have accumulated a number of prestigious references, such as the carpentry work performed at the Hautefort, Biron and Montmoreau châteaux, along with the joinery at the Yquem Château, the Collioure square fort and the Brittany Houses of Parliament.