Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Manufacture horlogère Vuillemin

Manufacture of clock mecanisms
Rue Pré Brenot
25870 Châtillon-le-Duc

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Situated in the Bresse region, the historical birthplace of iron clocks, "SERAMM" manufactures Comtoise clocks.

It mainly makes movements for Comtoise clocks, but also a few wooden casings. Every month, the company puts 200 items up for sale. It is one of the two remaining companies in France to make clocks known as "iron cage" clocks. The "iron cage" movement requires a very special kind of manufacturing and design, particularly regarding its chime. The company carries out every step of manufacturing: from cabinetwork to clock movements. All products are sold via a network of clock makers and at trade shows, such as Print’Or, Salon du Meuble, etc.