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Atelier Saint-Martin

Wrought metalwork
Vers le Pont
74440 Morillon

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Atelier Saint-Martin specialises in Ironwork, Metalwork and aluminium Furniture making. It employs specialised skills in ironwork, working to industry standards and handling every stage in the process.
Designs are produced freehand, reproducing the shapes and proportions for the harmony of the piece and respect for the specified requirements. These drafts respect styles and define the subsequent stages in the process at the forge. The work reveals a profound knowledge of the history and style of the art. All work is carried out by hand: cutting, cutting out and sawing bars, tubes or sheets of steel, shaping with hammers and stamps, complex traditional assemblies, making templates for certain parts. The workshop also handles installations.

They offer rare expertise: creation of hand-stretched volutes, deburring by stamp and by forge (without rolling-bending machine), embossing.

The company has Qualibat status 3511 (Supply and installation of outdoor metalwork), 4411 (locksmiths and metalwork) with "RGE" environmental status, and 4432 (Ironwork) with "Historic building heritage" status. The company director has also received the Stars et Métiers Auvergne Rhône-Alpes award and Maitre Artisan Ferronnier d'Art status.

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