Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Creation of contemporary furniture, design office, straw marquetry
8 passage Brulon
75012 Paris

Tel : +33 (0)9 51 51 03 26
Sale to private individuals and professionals

In the small world of contemporary furniture, Maonia stands out for its originality. Maonia's ethos is to bring the function, practicality and aesthetics of objects together harmoniously and add a touch of elegance and magic to spaces that are ever more standardised.

Maonia was founded in 2001 by Marine Fouquet and Hervé Morin. Its workshops are located in Paris.

Between what is often impersonal mass produced furniture and conventional artisanal creation, Maonia offers a third alternative: that of lively, exclusive furniture that combines art and materials with refinement to offer exceptional pieces that we are not used to seeing, feeling or experiencing.

Its marquetry and highly skilled cabinetmaking are commissioned worldwide by artists, big houses and decorators, meeting the expectations of individuals who love upscale furnishings.